The Soft Tissue


There is no spa, full body, or oil massage in this office.  I use draping and have rigorous health care boundaries. This is not touch therapy or entertainment massage for nurturing purposes.  I can work one area that is really bothering you for 15-30 minutes.  If you have 4 areas that are a problem, we'll schedule an hour.  This is a clinically focused, soft tissue treatment.  I can work from a physicians script as well.



Herbal Consultation

Professional Manual Therapy

Lisa Townsend, LMT, MH, is a Michigan State Licensed Clinical Massage Therapist,#7501002995, Manual Therapist in the Naprapathic tradition, Reiki Master, Master Herbalist, 17 years of professional experience, and 2400 hours of training from Blue Heron Academy of Arts and Sciences.


"What we have called matter is ENERGY whose vibration has been so lowered that it is perceptible to the physical senses"-Bruce Lipton

You will be well suited to my practice if you are already taking care of yourself and understand what that entails; drinking up to two liters of water a day, balanced diet, physically active, happy, and not abusing drugs.


If you have let an issue go over time, please be aware that I cannot correct the tissue in one treatment.  After your first treatment, you will feel 30-40% better.  After 5 treatments, depending on your condition, you will be up to 90% better.  Then we will lengthen out your visits. My goal and ability are to get you to zero pain if that is your goal.


I have 15 years of experience as a professional manual therapist and I'm successfully treating functional scoliosis. I'll be happy to give you references.

Sometimes you need to naturally stimulate your body's own powerful healing mechanisms.  The soft tissue is what makes up the bulk of your body along with your blood.  Your blood runs through all of the soft tissue which is muscle, ligament, tendon, and nerve. My expertise is in the tactile assessment of the soft tissue, palpating to the deeper layers during the entire treatment, and figuring out where you have muscle  adhesions and compromised blood flow. When your brain registers stress or emotional tension, that signal goes directly into your tissue (or an organ). The stress tells the tissue to halt; stop. The muscle fiber response is to curl into a ball and stop moving. Does that sound painful?  It is painful because those muscle fibers contract around the nerve root. I know how to get them to release. None of this involves the bone. Bone follows tissue. Clinical massage is real health care for the soft tissue.