Deep t.Issue Therapy & Reiki


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Welcome to my office. I’m Lisa Townsend, a resident of Grand Rapids, a homeowner on the booming west side, published writer, and business owner. This is one of the best places you can be in Grand Rapids for natural pain relief and my treatments are super effective.  I have twenty years of experience as a veteran bodyworker, 2400 hours of Naprapathic Manual Therapy training, and guarantee my work. Your time and money are very well spent with me and with your cooperation and my skill, your pain will decrease without drugs or surgery. I use the movement of the blood in the deep tissue (muscle, ligament, tendon, and nerve) to help release your pain and I only use my hands and Reiki.

Regarding financial efficiency, most of my patients have health insurance. Personally, I don’t because I think it’s a bad product and too expensive. I pay less for an emergency by using cash. They charge a different price by the way for cash patients. You’re being price gauged for services when you have health insurance. Mine is a cash practice so you are paying a reasonable rate out of pocket unless you have an HSA (Health Savings Account).

I accept CC and cash, no checks. There is nothing doctors or health insurance covered services can do for your seriously strained soft tissue short of surgery which is only appropriate if you’ve torn something. Anything short of that and you need to see me and financially it makes sense to keep it from getting worse. If you have an old injury, scar tissue, a bulging disc, soft tissue injury from a car accident, or limited range of motion I’m the one to see. My actual fee is less than your deductible and I can actually get rid of the soft tissue problem over several treatments; they can’t because they don’t understand the body’s natural healing ability or won’t recognize it. Muscle relaxants and steroid shots make it worse.

There are no children or animals around my home office and this is a little commercial area, not just residences. I’ve worked in public offices and they are very noisy and much harder to relax in. My home office is like a sanctuary with a 150-year-old healthy elm tree out front. The house itself is 100 years old with thick walls. You are safe here and so am I.

Blood and muscle make up the majority of your body and it’s vital and effective to start treatment for most pathologies there.  I can treat:

  • muscle pain and stubborn adhesions no matter how long they’ve been there, anywhere in the body.
  • bulging disc
  • arthritis, although it cannot be reversed
  • a migraine and all headaches
  • post surgical tissue after 72 hours
  • Sprains and strains
  • lateral epicondylitis
  • all hip issues
  • plantar fasciitis
  • chronic pain
  • all severe soft tissue adhesions that occur with functional scoliosis

I will likely also recommend (but not require) you see a physical therapist for stretching, strengthening and weight loss that affects the condition of your bones and your entire body. If your bones are very rigid or you are very overweight, that will catch up to you as you age.

I have 2400 hours of advanced manual therapy training at Blue Heron Academy and seventeen years of experience.

Please call me at 616-328-4242 to schedule an appointment.  I’ll get you in as soon as possible.

My hours are:

Monday-Friday, 9:00-5:30.

I have popular discount packages for those with chronic conditions that will need multiple treatments.  When you buy a package, you get your slot ahead of time on my schedule and about $5.00 off per treatment! I sell treatments in packages of five and accept cash and credit cards through a secure Square chip system.  No checks.

Single Appointment Fees:

1 hour-$80.00

45 minutes-$60

30 minutes-$40.00

Please keep in mind, as you pay cash for my services that it is still less than your deductible fee for modern treatments.  Of course, it depends on your condition, but for patients with soft tissue issues, bulging disc, or functional scoliosis, my work makes financial sense.