The Purpose of Achievement

I was accepted into the doctoral program at the Southwest University of Naprapathic Medicine today. (see letter below).  The purpose of achievement, as far as I’m concerned, is to garner influence in order to serve.  The purpose is not to glorify yourself or to compete in your field to get the glory.  If one does manage to get a lot of attention, which is a good thing, we should use it to help as many people as possible.  That’s the only fulfilling reason for doing well. Paying the bills is great, but if I’m piled with money someday, I’ll be a philanthropist!

This life is temporary and who you are is likely to be forgotten soon after you die.  That’s just reality.  People remember what’s right in front of them.  But you can leave a lasting influence that maybe has no major attention while you’re alive. If you feel strongly about it or have some type of conviction, go for it!

I’m passionate about the body and holistic alignment that can HELP humanity become empowered and happy in the body. It’s certainly not the case now! I want to contribute to that movement.  That’s what achievement in your field is for and why we should all do our best and work as hard as we can.  This is not about glorification. It’s about realizing that Earth is a rough place.  If there is any way we can make our own or another’s journey a bit more enjoyable, it’s a good thing!

Letter of Acceptance

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