What Is Reiki?

It is a Japanese word for Universal Life Force.  Rei means “universe” and ki is the same as qi in Chinese; “life force”. It is a natural, subtle energy that you can feel like a breeze or sunlight.  Air and sunlight cannot be touched as dense energy but you can feel them.  Reiki is the same way and just as natural to all life.

Qi or Ki is present in everything that is alive. In addition, it has its own manner of organizing and running its qi. I am attuned to feel the qi in humans, plants, and animals.  I’m sure I could feel it near a volcano as well but I don’t want to!  I am very sensitive to all vibrations around me.  Human vibration is specially controlled by your own THOUGHTS and FEELINGS; especially your feelings.  They are not unlike a channel you tune your radio to.  Those vibrations go directly into the body and affect your cells.  It’s been proven now.

I automatically sense your vibration when you come into the office or if we talk on the phone.  I am here to help you take care of yourself and feel better and I’d love to talk to you! I really turn it off my one on one sensitivity when I go out in public and hold my attention within myself.

Universal life energy is specific and you can feel it. Chinese say Qi, Japanese say, Ki, Hindu would call it Prana, Buddhists might call it Lung.  It is a good, natural, invisible force that brings consciousness and unique qualities to every living thing.  The Reiki energy balances its flow in your body. You have a natural qi balance just as you have a normal temperature.  I know it varies for people but generally, it’s 98.6.  All of nature has an equilibrium point and humans are no different, except they usually ignore it.  The rest of nature follows it without things.  A tree is just what it is! An elephant is just who it is!  Human beings have been taught to be chaotic and controlled in their thoughts and to deny their natural feelings.  That is the cause of illness and all violence and chaos in our world.  Humans no longer follow their body or its senses.  I hope to help you learn to honor your body in my office and the Reiki will help it align.

Reiki energy is more natural and innocuous than it is spiritual or religious.  We do not ascribe any dogma or religion to Reiki. That would be like ascribing dogma to air or sunlight. All living things benefit from air and sunlight, have access to it, and it’s good and natural.  That is the nature of Reiki.